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Why is it important to reduce the carbon footprint of your home?


Lee Devlin

Published on: 15/09/2023
why it's important to reduce the carbon footprint of your home

Making small changes to your home is one of the easiest ways to make your lifestyle more environmentally friendly. As of the UK’s most recently released statistics, household emissions are the largest contributor to our overall greenhouse gas emissions, with this sector accountable for 26% of the total. So, when working to cut down our carbon footprint, the home might be the best place to start. Coming up, our guide covers a few of the important reasons you should consider taking the necessary steps to reduce the carbon footprint of your home.

Saves the planet

Of course, the most important reason to reduce your home’s carbon footprint is to make for a safer planet for yourself, your family, and future generations.

Our carbon footprint is essentially the amount of CO2 emissions that we are each responsible for producing. These CO2 emissions are problematic because they trap heat in the atmosphere, leading to global warming – which then causes loss of sea ice, a rise in sea levels, and many other ecological issues – destroying the balance of our natural environment that each of the Earth’s inhabitants needs to survive.

Safer way of living

On a smaller scale, houses that produce lower carbon emissions may be significantly safer and healthier for dwelling. One of the best ways to both improve your home safety and reduce your carbon footprint is to upgrade your home’s water system. Your plumber may be able to install a water filtration system to reduce the amount of toxins that end up in your water, while also extending the life of your pipes so that they don’t have to be replaced as often – saving a whole lot of CO2 that would usually be produced by waste disposal.

There are also many energy saving techniques that can work to prevent safety hazards, such as turning off electrical appliances when you’re not using them. Not only will this work to prevent fires, it’ll also work to lower your carbon footprint considerably.

Reduces costs

As well as reducing harmful emissions (and therefore lowering your carbon footprint), saving energy and water will also save you money. It can be as simple as reducing your time spent in the shower, or turning the tap off whilst brushing your teeth. Just these two actions alone can save as much as 442 kg of CO2 each year.

Besides this, some of the most eco-friendly home upgrades are also the most efficient. For example, by insulating your walls, you can reduce the amount of energy needed to heat your property. Or, by installing solar panels on your roof, you save on bills without having to limit your energy usage.

Sustainability starts at home

Protecting our planet is reason enough to lower your home’s carbon footprint. However, personal safety and savings are a great bonus. The best part is, we don’t have to change our entire lifestyle to make a difference, and the small tweaks that we make don’t have to be limited to the home. When you understand the importance of lowering your carbon footprint, you become an integral part of the fight for a happier, healthier world.

Homecure Plumbing & Heating

At Homecure, we’re always conscious of making the right choices to improve our carbon footprint and ensure a more sustainable future within the plumbing and heating industry. If you have any questions about how we can help to ensure your heating system is as efficient and sustainable as possible, please feel free to contact us.

Lee Devlin
Publication date: 15/09/2023

Lee Devlin is the managing director of Homecure Plumbers, London's favourite local plumbing service. Since 2009, Lee's been leading a large team of gas safe plumbing and heating engineers as well as growing a successful business built on quality customer service and workmanship, in a competitive industry within the Capital. He's been in the game for a long time, so he regularly shares his knowledge and experience with the public. His expert tips have been featured in lots of well known publications such as: The Sun, Metro, Insider, Homes And Gardens, Country Living and more!

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