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10 Ways to Save Water for Budget-Friendly Eco Living

05 June 2018

Looking for ways to save on your water usage, either for budgetary purposes, eco-living, or both? Our blog explains exactly how you can cut down on your water output.

Water is an expensive and in-demand commodity.

The average UK household spends £400 on water each year, while many places around the world experience droughts and water bans to conserve the precious resource. With that in mind, many people set goals of curbing their water usage habits to reduce the amount flowing from their taps, both for environmental and money-saving reasons.

It’s easier than you might think to cut back on the water you use. In this blog post, we give you our 10 top methods for saving water. Don’t fancy reading? Then you can watch the video below for the headlines

10 Ways To Save Water

1.  Don’t Let the Taps Run Unnecessarily

It’s an obvious one, but it’s all about conscious thought. While washing your face, cleaning your hands, brushing your teeth or washing up dishes, for example, it is quite easy to let your mind wander and leave the tap running. This is a hugely wasteful exercise that really adds up over the years. However, tasks like this are so mundane that we aren’t often focused on the job at hand, so fail to notice water trickling away. The key is to create a habit. Make an effort to think about turning the tap off for time and, eventually, it becomes second nature.

2. Fixing Plumbing Leaks

Leaks in plumbing are common occurrences around UK homes. They usually happen under sinks, along with old piping, or dripping slowly from faucets or shower heads. These leaks mean one thing: a constant flow of water that shouldn’t be occurring. The result of a leak is that you are slowly wasting water. Getting them fixed by local plumbers is key to saving money and creating a greener home.

3. Change the Way You Wash Your Car

Many opt to wash their car with a hose or pressure washer. It saves time! However, it also wastes a lot of water. Instead, consider using a bucket of water to limit the amount used. You can even seek out eco-friendly, low water output car washes if you really want to save as much as possible.

4. Swap Baths for Showers

A nice soak after a long day is great for the mind and for those tense shoulders, but not so great for the environment or your bank balance. A shower uses about a half as much water as a bath, meaning swapping baths for showers is a powerful tool in the fight against high water usage. This is one of the most important changes in our top 10 ways to save water.

5. Buy Some Decking

The larger the amount of green space you have, the more water is required to keep your grass and plants from drying out in the summer heat. Patios and decking areas can not only provide an attractive and enjoyable garden space, but also reduce your need to use water.

6. Recycle Rainwater

An English back garden with Water Butt, flowerpots, garden tools and Hose Pipe

Britain is a rainy country, so why not take advantage of that rainwater? Homes can be installed with rain butts; simple pieces of equipment that harvest rainwater as it falls. The rain is then stored within large barrels or containers. This water can then be purified or filtered for use within the home, or used untreated in your garden.

7. Replace Your Boiler

As the age of your boiler goes up, inefficiencies start to show. The average boiler has a lifespan of 10 years or so, which means after this golden period, they can become ineffective at heating water. You’ll often find this means your taps take longer to become hot if you use a combi system, which results in excess waste as cold water runs down the drain while you wait for a bit of warmth. Installing a new boiler ensures your system is far more effective at heating your water supply, reducing waste.

8. Fully Load Appliances

Dishwashers and washing machines are appliances we use daily. They support easier living, but they also use a lot of water. The thing about these appliances is that they’ll use the same amount of water, no matter what is found within them. A washing machine will pump in as much water for one sock as it will a mountain of bed sheets. Filling your appliances as much as you can without overloading means water use is optimised.

9. Invest in Better Plumbing Solutions

Many of your plumbing elements will likely be inefficient at water saving. However, there are options available. You are able to install modern fixtures such as water-saving showers, low-flush toilets and energy-efficient radiators to reduce your water output. Be sure to call in professionals, such as our team at Homecure Plumbing, to have this done!

10. Do Some Smart Gardening

Reducing the amount of water you use in your garden needn’t only be about shrinking the volume of greenery on display. Investing in some drought-resistant plants is a great way to start. You can also raise the height of your lawnmower blades. Keeping grass longer protects the roots beneath, leaving them less exposed to the sun. This means they retain water better and you reduce the rate at which they dry out.

Thinking about taking on some of our advice on 10 ways to save water? Need to find a London plumber to help sort boiler installation, leaks or toilet replacements? Get in touch with the Homecure team today! Our experts are ready to support your needs.

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