A solution to how to unblock a sink is by using a plunger which is demonstrated in this image
How To Unblock a Sink
If you need to learn how to unblock a sink in your bathroom, kitchen or lavatory, there are a number
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Boiler Types Explained
We explain the differences between the main boiler types and the advantages and disadvantages of each one. It will tell
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Sad man holding a plunger and sitting by a clogged toilet
Why Do All My Toilets Keep Clogging? Diagnosing a Clogged Toilet
Efficient plumbing is a vital part of maintaining a happy and healthy home. One common problem that plagues homeowners is
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House models arranged on stacked coins at table against grey background - symbolic of increasing house value with simple plumbing advice
Home Plumbing Advice to Increase the Value of Your Property
Increasing the quality and efficiency of your home plumbing is not only essential for everyday life and running a hassle-free
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a plumber conducting heating system maintenance
Heating System Maintenance Tips: The Homeowners Guide
As a homeowner, heating system maintenance is one of many different things that need to be considered and prioritised for
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a tap dripping symbolising wasting water - find out ways to save water in this post
4 Simple Ways to Save Water (and Save Money)
When you consider how much we depend on water for many aspects of everyday life, it’s surprising how much of
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a plumbing pipe forzen over with ice learn how to prevent with winter plumbing tips from homecure plumbers
Winter Plumbing Tips to Get through the Chillier Months
Winter is coming! And if it’s going to be anything like last year, it’s safe to say that things may
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a man indoors wearing a winter coat with breath visible coming from his mouth, symbolising common central heating problems and how to fix them
A Trio of Common Central Heating Problems to Look Out For
As we head into the chillier months, it’s more important than ever to keep your house warm. Unfortunately, central heating
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A clogged pubic toilet
How to Fix a Clogged Toilet (and Prevent It from Happening Again)
Using the toilet: it’s no big deal, right? But when it refuses to flush, it can feel like all hell’s
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rainwater drain set in concrete surface, learn how to unblock outside drains in this blog topic
How to Unblock an Outside Drain in 6 Easy Steps
Has an external drain become clogged on your property? Discover how to unblock it yourself with some tips from our
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